Passion, Soul, and Fire

  1. The Devilís Land
  2. Love again
  3. Stronger than I realize
  4. Johan Sebastian Blues
  5. You said you love me
  6. Sweet Little Baby
  7. The 12 Song
  8. Cold Blooded
  9. Every time I think of you
  10. Funky it up
  11. Lier
  12. Mistreated

Other Side of the River

From the Other Side of the River
CD review by "Best of The Bay"

  1. The sun ainít shining
  2. Foxy Lady
    (Jimi Hendrix / all guitars parts were re-arranged by David More)
  3. Seafood soup
  4. Right back on you
  5. From the other side of the river
  6. Come home
  7. Shame shame shame
    (Kenny Wayne Shepherd)
  8. Going high
  9. You are not good (bonus track)

Seventy Times Seven

  1. If You Leave Me
  3. 40 Days
  4. Rainy Morning
  5. Latin Woman